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By reducing our collective foodprint, we will create a more sustainable food system and a healthier future for everyone.

Lighten Your Foodprint

Foodprint refers to the environmental impact created by our demand for food. Food is part of our everyday lives and our food choices are crafted by our habits and culture. It is something shared and exchanged. This is why lowering our foodprint often requires shared efforts and collective action. Here are some tips for how you can lower your foodprint:

  • Learn more about the impact of food on the climate on our About page and our blog.
  • With the climate in mind, make conscious decisions about the foods that you buy, eat, share, cater, and promote. Select low carbon foods by prioritising seasonal, local, and plant-based foods.

Tell Us Where You Want to See Climate Labels

Let us know the names of the restaurants or other food providers where you’d like to see climate labels and we'll take it from there!

Drop us a !

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Reach out to your favourite restaruants!

Restaurants highly value and are attentive to feedback from their customers. This is a simple, yet direct way to help the cause! Here's a handy blurb to reach out to your favourite restaurants and give them feedback that you'd like to see climate labels on their menus.

I’m a loyal fan and customer of your restaurant. If I may leave a piece of feedback as a frequent customer of your restaurant, I would love to see climate labels in your menus to indicate the environmental impact of each dish. As a consumer passionate about making sustainable choices, I find value and consciously seek businesses with this kind of transparency to help me make more informed choices. Lighter Foodprint, a local nonprofit, offers climate labelling services to restaurants to help us better understand our food choices. I hope you will consider adding climate labels to your menus!

I’m a restaurant and I want to add climate labels to my menu.

We are always seeking to connect with like-minded businesses in the community. We are currently seeking pilot partners, so please let us know where you'd like to see climate labels! Please reach out and .

From there, our team will reach out to set up a time for a call to learn more about your organization’s needs. We will then send over a custom proposal with a timeline. Once that looks good to you, we’ll get to work! After we finish the project, we will provide a business and/or sustainability report on the impact of our work.