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We calculate, communicate, and reduce food-related emissions, while supporting a thriving local economy

In light of COVID-19 and current availability, we are happy to announce that we are offering our services pro-bono for small and local businesses for a limited time period. Please reach out through our submission form (at the bottom of this page)!

Climate Labelling

Our climate impact scales are based on results from Life Cycle Assessments (LCAs). An LCA is a systematic analysis of the environmental impacts of a product’s life cycle. Our labeling system focuses on the greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) of the whole process of the food production, from farm to retail. This includes the impacts from production, processing, transport, packaging, retail and more. We aim to give consumers the necessary information to make choices with the climate in mind.

*labels for demo purposes only, no calculations were made for this demo menu

lighter foodprint climate label demo

Sustainability Consulting

We provide sustainable consulting solutions for restaurants with strategic and sustainable business objectives. Done right, a sustainable business model can be environmentally and socially responsible, while also achieving cost and operational efficiency. Sustainable solutions are critical for protecting brands, fostering stakeholder trust, enhancing community relations, increasing customer reach and loyalty, and achieving brand leadership in a world of disruption. Through our sustainability consulting and auditing services, we hope to strengthen the core business model of our clients.

Our sustainable consulting services will mainly focus on waste minimization (eg. food and packaging waste) and emissions from supply chain and operations, helping businesses to transition to a low-carbon, sustainable economy. Read more about the advantages of a sustainable business model in our About page!

COVID Recovery

Small and local food businesses are the cornerstone of our local economy, and they’ve been amongst the hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses are now facing new and unfamiliar challenges in this unprecedented landscape brought about by COVID-19. We aim to offer objective, practical, and results-driven COVID-recovery advice to struggling food businesses to get them back on their feet in time for a post-COVID world. Our service includes advice on strategic planning, financial management, sales & marketing, digital strategy (website, social media, eCommerce), and operational efficiency.

  • Sales & Marketing - Our team helps create a detailed marketing plan tailored to our clients’ customer segments, including channels and branding optimized for the post-COVID landscape.
  • Digital Strategy - Today, a digital strategy is essential for connecting with Millennials and Gen-Z’s. We provide advice on optimizing social media presence and developing eCommerce channels.
  • Operational Efficiency - We can also provide a supply chain analysis from harvest, to transportation, to production, to table service. Our analysis can identify unnecessary costs and operational inefficiencies.
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